Gospel Hall of Fame Tenor Denver Crumpler.
Southern Gospel Music.

The Bible Told Me So Album
The Bible Told Me So; RCA Victor 1683 (1958) with Denver Crumpler.

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3 Great CD Albums for your listening pleasure. 1 CD of the Rangers Quartet and 2 CD''s of The Statesmen Quartet featuring Denver Crumpler.

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The history of Denver Crumpler, Gospel Music Hall of Fame Tenor.
Denver Crumpler the Hall of Fame Gospel Music Tenor had a rich gospel music history. View the Discography. Read our 8 page summary on the history of Denver Crumpler. Additional information can be found in the Document Center along with photos about Denver Crumpler in the Photo Album.

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There will be a moment in time when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

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